Magnolia Street Productions


Magnolia Street Productions provides full service video production, recording, duplication and corporate branding of live events outdoors or indoors.

We do big events like concerts and parades, personal events like weddings, as well as business presentations and commercials. We can stream live events on the internet as well.

Location television production is complicated, expensive and labor intensive. Magnolia Street Productions strives to create quality recordings of major events in an efficient manner with cost-effective production values and professional results.

Magnolia Street Productions has the flexibility to cover large multi-camera events or simple presentations. Use of the newest technology in wireless and IP connectivity provide coverage of sporting events, parades, concerts and corporate presentations at an affordable cost.

Post-production capabilities include editing, graphics production, duplication and distribution via DVD copy or internet streaming.

Located in the greater Los Angeles area Magnolia Street Productions has access to the best resources in technology, talent and engineers to create any video product.

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